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Do you feel like life is more strenuous and difficult for you than others? 

Do you feel drained, exhausted, stressed, stuck and unmotivated?

Are you sick and tired of others getting ahead and yet you remain stuck in the same place? 

Do you feel hopeless in your journey to find solace from anxiety, stress, fear and self sabotage? 

Are you stuck in the cycle of low self esteem, a constant state of overwhelm, mental fatigue and tiredness? A seemingly never-ending rotation from one to the next?

Are the old patterns of your life keeping you in this place of suffering emotionally, spiritually, energetically, physically and financially?

Maybe you are struggling with confidence, fear, stress, burnout or overthinking?   

You have probably tried everything with little to no improvement.

You might feel like you’ve tried everything. But here’s some good news: You haven’t!

So much of what we view as modern healing is based on the external instead of the fundamental source of your symptoms. You may not have found success or freedom because you’ve been trying to heal through the surface of the issue, as opposed to delving deep into the center of the cause.

 Are you ready to find freedom from your pain so you can love your life?

 You shouldn’t be held back any longer, so lets work together to find your freedom



Hi, I am Belinda

Did you know that you hold all of your answers within?

I facilitate profound long lasting freedom for anyone who is ready to make a deep and lasting change.

I guide my clients to heal the deep root cause of the issue, giving respite from the pain, burnout, overwhelm anxiety and depression which are the symptoms and often removes the need for other treatments and endless talk therapy sessions. Together we can eliminate these ailments and alienate many of the mood disorders that are often associated.

Working with me, I will guide you to focus on healing the core of your being, so that you can unlock your inner self, to find peace and joy in your life. Using Rapid Transformational therapy and other healing modalities, I will guide you to heal your pain from the root cause by accessing the subconscious mind, the part of your mind that holds all of the information or programs we run on.  We can effectively work through the issues and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, that are holding you back from living your best life. I will work with you to address the principal source of your pain and overcome it so you can enjoy the beautiful gift that is your life.

Life shouldn’t be this hard, and I am here to make sure it doesn’t continue to be so.

Let’s unlock the magic in your life and embrace the best that’s yet to come.

Ways to work with me

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Gain clarity in all areas of your life with a 60 minute intuitive guidance session. 

Transformational Packages

Personalised 1 on 1 programmes including RTT™ sessions and intuitive guidance personalised for your needs.

Relationship Anxiety

8 week signature freedom from relationship anxiety program including Hypnotherapy and mentoring 

Client Love

Sarah, Queensland

I had two sessions with Belinda and I cannot recommend her highly enough. After years of pain in my shoulder from calcific tendonitis, I was 80% pain free in 7 days and 100% pain free in 14 days. It has been two months now and I still remain pain free and have full use of my shoulder once again. Belinda is genuinely caring and provides a warm nurturing session which quickly and gently finds the root cause of the problem, so profound and lasting change can occur.

Josh, USA

After having a consultation with Belinda, I was totally convinced that she was the right person to work with. From being at my lowest  point I felt completely reenergised after just one session of our 8  Week Relationship Anxiety program. The way Belinda guides hypnosis is truely one of a kind. After completing a 8 week program I feel like a completely different person from the one I was when we first started working together. It’s was truely a blessing to work with Belinda and I highly recommend her!

Angela, Queensland

Hi Belinda,

Just wanted to update you on my RTT session I had with you for the trouble I was having with a cyst in my ovary and my immune system not fighting HPV virus which I had for over 4 years. During the session I had some profound emotional releases that  I was holding in my ovaries. My left ovary was burning as I released the emotions until the pain softened and the pain went away. I continued with the recording every night as you instructed.  Today I am extremely happy to announce that my Dr has given me the all clear and even she was surprised at my results. So grateful to have found you Belinda. Thank you.

Natalie, Tasmania

Belinda, is one of the most beautiful compassionate loving souls i have ever met. 

She has completely changed my life, I have a different perspective on life because of her amazing RTT sessions.

I have suffered from anxiety, and never feeling like I was enough, Belinda helped me to the root cause in these sessions.

I feel like I’m a completely different person. I have so much more confidence and enjoy my life on such a new level. ( I am enough)! I highly recommend Bel and her RTT sessions, her support during this time was absolutely amazing, i’m so thankful I reached out to you.

Mel, Queensland

I had an incredibly powerful RTT session with Belinda to help assist me with anxiety and depression I have suffered with my whole life. From the moment i met Belinda I felt at ease as I was feeling very nervous and Belinda made me feel very comfortable and facilitated a beautiful session where my subconscious mind was taken back to very traumatic scenes in my childhood, tears were in abundance and I was able to release years of hurt, pain and trauma that was stored in my body. Belinda was very empathetic and compassionate nature about her and I absolutely loved our session. After listening to the amazing transformation recording for 30 days, I have noticed an outstanding increase in my confidence and my anxiety has decreased considerably. I feel a sense of hope now instead of the darkness that consumed me and my everyday activities. Belinda has helped me to reprogram such powerful and positive changes into my life. Thank you Belinda you are an amazing therapist and I would highly recommend you to my family and friends with absolutely no hesitation at all.

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Freedom from Pain Hypnosis Audio

Enter your details and get immediate access to my freedom from pain hypnosis audio to start you on your healing journey.