About Belinda

Hi, I am Belinda …
and I am so glad you are here!

I am an intuitive hypnotherapist and all too familiar with the pain of being dis-embodied living in a freeze response for many years. I struggled with the overwhelming feelings of being a sensitive empath. I was overweight suffering from physical, chronic and emotional pain, depression, anxiety, helplessness and low self esteem for many years.

A majority of my life was spent as a disempowered unconfident people pleaser with no boundaries and no idea how to manage my own emotions or energy.

After understanding we all have our own innate healing inside of us, I have been able to heal myself from physical and emotional pain, understand and embrace the empathic gift I have been given which allows me the connection to my beautiful clients and to the work I facilitate. 

Helping people find freedom from their pain and struggle by connecting to their inner wisdom is what I am so passionate about.

There are no coincidences that you have come across my page and when you are ready to release the emotions that are holding you back and begin your healing journey, I am here to help you.

  Your mind holds all of your Innate Wisdom to help you heal from within. 

Working with me is so much more than releasing your pain and struggle, its connecting back to your true self, the one you have just lost touch with.

I hold a beautiful safe caring empathetic space to guide you home to your ‘inner wisdom’ allowing you to unlock the message your pain and struggle is trying to tell you. 

If  you are ready to take a journey to your Inner Wisdom to heal from the inside out and find your wings then I am here to help you to true freedom so that you can truly thrive.

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