What Can Hypnotherapy Help you with?


Seeking Hypnotherapy for Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people come to see me. Anxiety is experienced in many different forms and each individual has a different experience.

Common anxiety disorders are:

  • Generalised Anxiety
  • Panica Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Agoraphobia
  • Social Anxiety 
  • Fear of Driving or Flying

A small level of anxiety is quite normal and  feeling tense and anxious can play an important role in keeping us safe when we face potentially dangerous situations, However when anxiety persists and becomes such a disorder that it starts to interfere in your life then you know that it may be something deeper.


Relationship anxiety is a type of anxiety where you excessively overthink, overanalyse, doubt and think of the worse. You’re happy one minute, then upset the next.

You lose yourself in the endless scrolling of your partners social media accounts, driving yourself crazy with the thoughts and making up scenarios in your head.
You question all the time if you partner wants to be with you or loves you.
Your anxious thoughts making you unable to trust your partner or perhaps you can’t even trust your own judgement if you do or don’t trust them.
Endless sleepless nights worrying and extreme and unhealthy amounts of overthinking and frustration.
Perhaps your anxiety in your relationship is causing you to sabotage the relationship and this has become your pattern in all your relationships.
You probably often think “I’d better not become to happy or complacent’ or he/she will leave.
You lose all your sense of identity and become an extreme people pleaser because you worry he/she will leave you.
You are so much in your head, you forget to let your heart lead you.
Your overthinking may be sabotaging your relationships and you wish you could just switch off these thoughts but no matter what you do you cant.
You’re not alone… Millions of people experience relationship anxiety which makes it really hard for you to be present in your relationship and enjoy what’s right in front of you.
Unlearning these toxic coping mechanisms and mending your faulty boundaries is key to stop projecting your insecurities into your relationships.
You can be on the other side of relationship anxiety and break the cycle so you can be empowered, happy and confident in yourself and your relationship and using hypnotherapy can assist you.


You have literally tried every diet, every slimming pill, everything to lose weight. I bet you have even spent thousands of dollars on diets, exercise programs or even weight loss surgery to only to find you lose the weight but after a while you gain it all back plus more. You are probably fed up being on this emotional eating roller coaster and you don’t know where to turn to next to address your weight issues. 

  • Are you are sick and tired of your up and down yo-yo journey?
  • Are you determined to get to the root cause of your weight issues?
  • You have a knowing or feeling that your weight issue is way deeper than just not being able to make the right choices.
  • You want to be healthy and create and maintain your weight for as a long-term goal not a short-term goal.
  • You want to find your confidence again, so you can feel happy and content in your body and your own skin.


 Do you crave sugary food, caffeine, junk food, soft drinks, refined carbohydrates?

Do you find once you start eating them you want more and more, it wouldn’t matter if your hands were tied together you would still have great difficulty resisting these types of food.


Do you turn to food when you are bored, lonely or sad? do you find eating during these times will make you feel satisfied or sedated and takes your mind from your emotions for a short period of time and therefore you are always turning to food?


Do you always have to eat everything that is on your plate? As a child were you not allowed to leave the table until you had eaten everything on your plate?

Using hypnotherapy we can get to  the deep-rooted subconscious programming you are running on and help you to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes and in your skin again.


There are a number of reasons to quit smoking namely better health, increased finances, social acceptance, smelling better, healthier teeth and gums, increase in your self-pride just to name a few. You may also want to quit smoking because you and others around you want you to have a healthier lifestyle. How would it feel for you to become a permanent non smoker with no cravings and no weight gain? You can be healthier and in complete control after one session.

Many  other conditions may be helped with Hypnotherapy including:

  • Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Health Issues
  • Childhood Problems
  • Depression and Anxiety 
  • Insomnia
  • Fertility issues
  • Addictions such as Smoking, Drinking. 
  • Skin Issues such as Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Bed Wetting
  • Exams 
  • Fears/Phobias – Driving, flying, needles, dentist etc
  • Money Blocks/Issues
  • Confidence 
  • Self Esteem 
  • Procrastination 
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Sports Performance

What would it feel like to …

  • Shift your Mind, Body and Life into Healing, Wellness, Flow and Joy
  • Be free from Emotional and Physical Pain
  • Create healthy boundaries 
  • Know that you are enough just as you are
  • Release negative patterns so you can live your best life?
  • Clear out stuff you have unconsciously gathered during the day?
  • Say ‘NO’ without making yourself sick with guilt 
  • Stand in your own power and energy
  • Start living again
  • Have total FREEDOM

Are you ready to transform your life?

I would be honored to facilitate your journey to freedom to make long and lasting changes.

Your mind is so powerful it can create the symptom of every illness, every stuck emotion and every habit and its is also so powerful it can  release them once you understand the root cause. 

Working with me, we will get to the root cause easily and quickly to heal your emotional and physical wounds so you can heal at a deep level and learn new strategies to thrive without the  emotional and physical pain

Your pain is your messenger – Listen to the message and let the message set you free

Your  powerful mind holds all of the the information you need to understand what is holding you back.

Hypnotherapy allows you to access the subconscious (the part of our mind where our programming and keys to our freedom are held). Direct access to this part of your mind is where you can break habits, release stuck emotions,  change outdated negative patterns and make positive and long term changes.

You only have one life and you deserve to live it with freedom and wellbeing.